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Listed below are a number of industries we serve along with specific examples of client solutions CTI has delivered.

Large Hotel and Office Complex Boiler Problem Solved

The client has three, 350 horsepower firetube boilers operating at 12 psi. For over a year tubes were replaced on an almost weekly basis. CTI was asked to correct the treatment program and put a stop to the exorbitant amount of repair work.

The primary reason for the tube loss was oxygen pitting and corrosion. Instead of replacing the entire set of tubes, they were only replacing the ones that leaked.This kept bringing the repairmen back on a regular basis.

In addition, after a while some of the new tubes were also being lost and required replacement which was disconcerting to the engineers as well as the property owner.

We evaluated the chemical treatment program and the education level of the operators regarding the application of water treatment. Both were lacking as well as competent service from the water treatment supplier.

A complete chemical treatment program was set up.The feed point of each chemistry was started.The next and most important step was to get the operators trained. Each week a new group of operators were schooled on all phases of boiler chemistry.

Besides monitoring the operating boiler(s), proper lay-up is now monitored on the stand-by and off-line boilers.

Within a month the need to call the repair company to replace tubes slowed down. For over 10 years, the tube replacement has been almost non-existent. Only tubes that were too far gone have been changed. No new tubes have lost their integrity.

Plastic Manufacturing Facility Process Cooling Water

This injection molding plant used cooling water to cool the hydraulic oil in the machines. Over time the temperature of the oil would rise. When they got to a point that there was no cooling, the heat exchanger had to be removed and sent for physical cleaning.The water treatment vendor did not see this as unusual and made no changes to the program.

CTI was asked to analyze the situation and see if something could be done.

We initiated a chemical cleaning of the entire cooling tower system. Within 48 hours, the temperatures in all of the heat exchangers were in the correct range. We immediately began a new chemical program that included an inhibitor package designed for the hardness and alkalinity levels in the system water as well asthe elevated skin temperatures found in the heat exchangers.

Since the cleaning of the system and the start of the new program the oil temperatures have remained consistently within specification.

Cogeneration Plant Engine Inter Coolers

Each of four natural gas engines had a cooling tower connection to an inner cooler. Annually each of the engines had to be taken out of service due to the inner cooling being scaled.This resulted in lengthy downtime and lost revenue.

CTI was asked to look into the situation. An analysis of the deposition material from the coolers showed the scale was not made of typical hardness but actually the ingredients in the inhibitor product that was being fed to the towers.

We started with one unit using the latest in polymer technology designed for the characteristics of the system water as well as the elevated skin temperatures found in the cooler.

Once the first system did not have to be cleaned during a routine shutdown other systems were put on the program. Since the inception of the program that began 7 years ago, no engine has had to be taken out of service due to cooler failure.

Government Hospital Facility Condensate System

The facility had been using ODA filming amine for several years to treat the condensate from a campus of over 12 buildings. Despite this treatment, the condensate system was deteriorating.The condensate consistently contained suspended and dissolved iron. In addition all of the iron returning to the boiler was causing excessive sludge and an iron based scale was building on the tubes.

CTI was asked to evaluate the situation and make recommendations.

We undertook a campus-wide condensate study to evaluate where the problems were occurring as well as the distribution of the ODA. Distribution was poor.There was literally not treatment at most of the outlying locations causing sever corrosion.

The condensate treatment was changed to a combination neutralizing amine and ertiary filming amine program. A newpolymer designed to disperse iron was also added to the program.

Over the last three years the condensate corrosion has been reduced to minimum levels and the boiler sludge has all but disappeared.The polymer has begun to gently descale the boilers.

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