ASHRAE 188 News

Contact a CTI Water Management Advisor to discuss the recently approved ASHRAE 188 Standard designed to ensure responsible water system management in regards to Legionella Risk Minimization.  The new standard was put into place as of July 1, 2015 and effects both potable and non-potable water systems (i.e. Cooling Towers, Evaporative Condensers, Whirlpool Spas, Ornamental Fountains & Water Features, Aerosol-Generating Misters, Atomizers, Air Washers, and Humidifiers).  Those involved in design, construction, commissioning, operation, ownership, and maintenance of human-occupied commercial, institutional, industrial, and multi-unit residential buildings and their water systems are required to be in compliance.  Let CTI be a part of your water management team to ensure a safe environment for those that occupy your facility.

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