New Construction Quotations

We successfully completed new construction projects with several mechanical contractors. It all starts with a timely quotation. We go beyond the specification to determine the real need and present it in an easy to understand format.

Once awarded the job we make sure that the site is visited as often as necessary. We make sure everybody doing the installation work is up to speed so mistakes are avoided and the project moves ahead smoothly.

Chemical Cleaning

When equipment gets fouled due to hostile conditions or neglect it may be able to be chemically cleaned. Capital has a number of solutions and methods available to clean boilers, cooling towers, closed loops and heat exchangers.

Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Sometimes chemical cleaning is not enough. We will dismantle heat exchangers and take them to our cleaning facility to remove tenacious deposits. Many times this can be done in less than one day.


Cooling Tower Cleaning

Cooling Towers ingest everything from the atmosphere around them.  As a result, dirt and silt build up in the distribution pans, fill and sumps.  CTI uses specialized equipment to remove this buildup and keep the tower operating at peak performance.

Glycol Installation

Capital has glycol available and can install it for you. We have specialized equipment to get material into your heating and cooling systems. We install glycol from drums, totes or tankers. Many times we are able to use the concentrate and dilute it in the system while adding the inhibitor package. This can result in tremendous savings over buying pre-diluted glycols.

Glycol & Oil Filtration

Contamination sometimes knows no bounds. Capital has the equipment and technologies to clean up fouled glycols and oils. We have successfully removed oils and dirt from glycol loops saving the customers the large expenditure of total replacement. In many cases oils can also be cleaned and reused by removing the dirt and water contamination.

Legionella Remediation

Routine monitoring for the presence of legionella allows CTI to detect the bacteria and develop strategies for eradication.


Service and training are the most important facets of a quality water treatment program. The success or failure of a program can always be linked to one or both of these components.

CTI representatives never skimp on service. While in your facility all parameters are tested. When a result is out of spec, we don’t leave until we find out why and initiate the correction. All results are documented and a detailed report with recommendation is delivered to all concerned personnel. Discussion of results and follow up actions take place before we leave the sight.

CTI’s immediate resources include a lab at our local office and representatives with combined experience of over 40 years in the business. We are a distributor/partner in the Eastern Technologies network; as a result we have a deep and wide range of technical support and formulary experience available to our customer.


The best chemicals in the world won't matter if the customer's staff is not properly trained.

It is important for plant personnel to understand the water treatment process. Correct understanding leads to the ability to react to errant results and insures a successful program.This level of understanding also helps communication between the customer and our account representative.

Problems get dealt with in a timely and professional fashion. Avoiding prolonged “out of spec” readings prevents major problems.

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