Innovative Technologies

CTI has available several of the latest technologies in the water treatment marketplace. CTI has served as the proving ground for many of these new and updated products.

Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors

VpCI’s allow dry storage of off-line boilers for up to two years. A molecular film coats all the internal boiler metal. This is especially effective for off-season storage. The corrosion protection is so effective that there is little or no “iron water” in the boiler for start-up.

Stabilized Bromine

Biocide effectiveness is always a challenge. Stabilized bromine gives an excellent one- two punch in cooling water. Not only does it have broad spectrum kill but also the ability to penetrate biofilm. Not only is the bulk water treated but surfaces that needs applied for a complete program.


PolyPlex Polymer Blend Boiler Treatment

The latest polymer blend are represented by our PolyPlex line. Excellent choices for “all polymer” programs, these products have the added benefit of a molybdate tracer. The ability to test the tracer provides consistent ability to control polymer levels in the boiler water. No more guessing or base feeding polymers – economical and effective.

Chlorine Dioxide Generators

Tough applications sometimes require the toughest solution. When it comes to biocides, chlorine dioxide is at the top of the list. However, CIO2 delivery systems have been potentially dangerous. CTI offers the Halox line of chlorine dioxide generators – innovative and safer methods to deliver this high potency biocide to cooling and potable water systems.


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